GITIA FLOOR | Six Advantages of SPC Floor


GITIA floor tells you the six advantages of SPC floor, which makes SPC floor the darling of the floor industry.

SPC floor has one advantage: green environmental protection, real zero formaldehyde. We all know that more than a decade ago, the reinforced flooring was also introduced into the Chinese market by Germany. With its super wear resistance and rich design, it has been popular in China for so many years, but it has been unable to solve the problem of formaldehyde, because it is the base material of density board and afraid of water. As we all know, the number one “criminal” of indoor pollution is formaldehyde, which is highly toxic and has a release period of 8-15 years. It can not be released by ventilation as we usually say. Formaldehyde, especially for the elderly, children, pregnant women and other people with low immunity, is more harmful. It not only causes childhood leukemia, but also affects the development of children’s intelligence and immune system. Most bridal houses are usually the future residence of babies. Once improperly decorated, it will cause two or three generations of people, or even deeper impact and regret. 。 Therefore, as an important decorative material for the family, what kind of floor to choose directly affects the health of the family.


SPC floor has two advantages: waterproof, wayward paving any place. The main components of this floor are wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder and polymer powder. Naturally, it is not afraid of water. So you don’t have to worry that the floor at home will deform and bubbles when it bubbles, or mildew because of high humidity, or deform because of changes in temperature. At the same time, her surface layer is treated by PUR crystal shield, which is not afraid of wind and rain, so she is not only the preferred safe floor for living room and bedroom, but also very suitable for kitchen and bathroom.


SPC floor has three advantages: anti-skid, no need to worry about slipping and wrestling. I believe that most of the friends who have tiles in their homes are particularly sympathetic to the problem of anti-skid performance, because once they are stained with water, they are easily dirty and slippery. If you have old people and children in your family, you must be very careful and careful. SPC floor anti-skid problem need not worry about, because her surface materials, unique crafts and anti-skid design, will make the floor encounter water “more astringent”, but her friction will become greater. So no matter what shoes you wear, you can achieve good anti-skid performance.


SPC floor has four advantages: wear resistance. Floor wear resistance is also a point that many friends value very much when choosing the floor. The wear resistance revolutions are about 6000 revolutions. The grip force of wire balls used in our kitchen is very large, including its friction force. You can use wire balls to scrape back and forth directly on the SPC floor. You will find that the whole floor. There will be no scratches on the surface, including the lines on the surface are still very clear.


SPC floor has five advantages: fire protection. This can also do an experiment, spraying alcohol on the floor with a spray pot, the whole alcohol will naturally die out after burning. Take a wet cloth and wipe it on the floor, it will become clean immediately, without any trace. Her material is natural flame retardant, fire protection level reaches B1, so Now many public spaces choose SPC flooring is the reason, because the reinforced wood flooring and carpet are afraid of fire.


SPC floor has six advantages: adapting to geothermal, energy saving and heat preservation. Its stone powder base material layer is similar to mineral rock, it has good thermal conductivity and thermal stability, so it is very suitable for use in this geothermal environment. The heat release is uniform, because it does not contain any formaldehyde, so it will not release any harmful gases. At the same time, her substrate has a flexible resilient layer, coupled with the surface of the wear-resistant layer can achieve effective thermal insulation.


What is SPC floor? What are the advantages of SPC floor? Do you understand now? I hope that today’s sharing of the floor in Gedia can help you.



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