Installation of rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Today, we have a look at the installation precautions of the rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is a very popular floor material on the market at present. A good installation can save the cost and ensure the service life.

ridge core luxury vinyl flooring

Precautions for installation of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring:

1. Before installation, the floor should be placed on site for 24 hours with constant temperature, and then the floor should be paved

2. The ground must be kept flat, clean, free from sand, hollowing, and cracking.

3. When installing the floor, there must be no water on the ground.

4. Floor cleaning and maintenance: vacuum cleaner can be used to clean, or mop, the cloth can be scrubbed.

5. It can be waxed on the floor surface for maintenance.

6. Try to avoid sun exposure to the floor to prevent discoloration and discoloration.



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