Unique Advantages of Waterproof Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring


When it comes to the design and decoration of hospitals, schools, business office buildings, and other public spaces and indoor home decoration, we have to mention the floor decoration which can affect a quarter of people's sensory systems in space. Although there are many kinds of floor materials to choose from in these spaces, in the era of endless new materials, only the trend product, waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring, has been favored by people at home and abroad It is an all-round new favorite that integrates the advantages of ceramic tiles and other types of floor materials. With a variety of designs and colors, environmental protection materials, it deduces "governing by doing nothing", which makes the noise and disturbance lose the sense of existence.

waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring

What is the waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring?

Waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring is mainly composed of calcium powder and PVC stabilizer in a certain proportion to form composite flooring materials. It does not contain heavy metal formaldehyde with harmful substances. It is a 100% formaldehyde-free environmental protection floor and a real 0 formaldehyde floor. It is mainly used in hospitals, clinics, schools, office buildings, supermarkets, and other public places.

So what are the unique advantages of SPC to be the favorite of swag?

1: green environmental protection, real zero formaldehyde

Yes, we are not the God of medicine. What we need is a zero formaldehyde waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring. As an important decorative material for the family, what kind of floor to choose will directly affect the health of the family, which is the most important!

2: waterproof, antiskid, and fireproof, any place of pavement

3: wear resistance

The wear resistance of the floor is also a point that many friends attach great importance to when choosing the floor. If you scrape back and forth directly on the waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring, you will find that there will be no scratch on the whole floor surface, including the surface texture is still very clear.

On the basis of the continuous economic development, the consumption concept of customers in the market is turning to quality consumption. In addition, the development of a large number of real estate and commercial centers has contributed to the current hot status of flexible flooring.

With the advantages of waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring and related core products constantly exposed, more and more people promote a new wave of elastic flooring rigid demand. In essence, this kind of product is promoted to be the new favorite of the flooring industry, and also attracts the attention of many sales partners, making it a new star in the future decoration building material market.

waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring products have been widely welcomed in European and American markets and Asia Pacific markets, but they are still in the promotion stage in China, and the market development prospects are very broad. In addition, in order to fully implement the national policy of promoting the steady growth of the building materials industry, adjusting the structure and increasing the benefits, and comprehensively promoting the sustainable development of China's building decoration material industry, the trend of green building materials has become the self-evident development trend of the housing full decoration market, and the flooring decoration products based on elastic flooring waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring is the correct way to open a new journey of the whole decoration industry.

City life is fascinating but sometimes exhausting. In a troubled world, maybe everyone needs a cure. No matter what kind of public area it is, only the space that pays attention to the design and decoration can provide another healing feeling for the people who enter the space and can convey a kind of down-to-earth and reliable feeling to a certain extent. This is the correct opening way for different types of space construction, and also one of the most advantages of waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring.



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