Advantages of Waterproof Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring


About what waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring is sure to have a lot of people do not know, but I believe that everyone will understand the waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring after the introduction.

Waterproof Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring

1. Material health
SPC is the abbreviation of stone plastic composite material. It is not like composite wood, it is more like a composite stone. The raw material is polyester vinyl resin, which is the PVC material that we often pay attention to. Moreover, it strengthens the performance of PVC material. At the same time, it is extruded by the T-shaped mold, which also avoids the internal interlayer gluing in the process. As a result, its functions are more abundant, and it can be non-toxic and non-toxic Formaldehyde, 0 pollution, renewable materials, and a series of characteristics, even in the future,
waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring should still be able to be like plastic, recycling, so as to reduce the cost of housing.
2. Low price
Many people think that green and healthy materials, the price is expensive, this is not necessary, although its materials can be among the ranks of zero pollution, and in the waterproof, anti low temperature and other effects, are very excellent, but the price is also very reasonable, compared with the solid wood floor to be much cheaper, but compared to the composite floor, it is a little more expensive, but it is Natural pollution-free characteristics, but can make up for the lack, in general, whether it is price or cost-effective,
waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring has very excellent characteristics.
3. Good antiskid effect
waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring is suitable for the vast majority of rooms, whether it is the bathroom or balcony, which as a toilet floor material, said to have not only a 100% waterproof effect, anti-skid effect is also important, otherwise why now toilet anti-skid floor tile is popular? The anti-skid index of waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring is not weaker than the anti-skid ceramic tile, because of its surface nanofiber material, in the After stained with water, it will lead to shoes, whether slippers or ordinary board shoes, stepping on them, there will be an astringent feeling. This unique function of being astringent when meeting water leads to the friction force rising instead of falling after touching the water. Therefore, the anti-skid effect is worth determining. If there are old people or children in the family, it can be recommended.
4. Wear resistance and scratch resistance
The service life of a pair of the floor, often want to see its wear-resistant effect, a lot of ceramic tile floor in used 10 years, 20 years later, the surface enamel will appear aging and other signs, so that it directly leads to, the interior of the ceramic tile is polluted, and not easy to remove, and the wooden floor is easy to appear a variety of hanging marks, a long time seems to have a kind of thousand sores The feeling of hundreds of holes has a great impact on the visual perception. In addition, it will also lead to a great reduction in the life of the wood. The car has become moldy and rotten from the inside.
waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant because its material is stone plastic composite material, hardness is very high, although the thickness of the board is relatively thin, but does not affect its durability.



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