Market of Waterproof SPC flooring


Waterproof SPC flooring is a new type of flooring product, and at present, the domestic market has not been fully opened.

waterproof spc flooring

Waterproof SPC Flooring Market

Market of waterproof SPC flooring was mainly export-oriented. In the beginning, it was mainly developed countries in Europe and the United States, and their current demand is still very large. Now it is still a major export-oriented product and has gradually radiated to some Middle East demanders. At present, the domestic market is still in great demand, but the performance and use of the product have not been recognized by consumers. There will be a lot of demand in the future.


The thickness of SPC is less than 4mm, and there are two specifications of 6mm, which are more conventional. Because the state does not have some standard regulations on the size of the floor, the size of the floor of each flooring factory is different. Waterproof SPC flooring is relatively thin, but it has a large weight and high wear resistance. At present, the best quality or export-oriented flooring standards, white raw materials, high transparency materials. The surface has strong wear resistance and no heavy metal and formaldehyde content. Secondly, the raw material and recycled material are mixed in proportion to the waterproof SPC flooring. Some still have a white base, but less flexible. It's brittle. There is also a poor green floor. This is mainly used in China. There is no need to introduce the product too much. It can be used in the shopping mall. The difference is actually a few yuan per square meter. It depends on everyone's purchase preference.


At present, most of the export products are not used in the home decoration. They are mainly engineering commercial or large public places. Hospital factory building office area! As far as their use is concerned, export products can generally use household floor heating, and the product itself is waterproof and wear-resistant, which is a very important advantage. However, it does not mean that all waterproof SPC flooring is suitable for floor heating. The products sold in China by Shandong manufacturers I contacted in the early stage will have many product defects, such as thermal expansion and cold shrinkage deformation caused by exposure to the sun and other problems. Now they are basically already available It's solved. At present, all the waterproof SPC flooring not marked floor heating is best not to use in the floor heating environment, there is also a point is to choose the white substrate as far as possible. In the future, some domestic hospitals, schools, and hotels may slowly choose to use SPC, and some are renovated and renovated with this kind of floor, which not only has more colors but also does not affect the space, but also reduces the cost of artificial waste of the original floor. And home decoration concerns about the formaldehyde content of consumers in the future is also one of the choices.



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