How to Install Waterproof SPC Flooring


1. Waterproof SPC flooring refers to the floor directly laid on the ground without nails, glue, and keel in the process of floor paving.

Because the lock floor glue-free paving is simple, easy to disassemble, and can be reused, it is especially suitable for temporary places such as exhibitions and shopping malls, and the floor can also be reused when moving home!

2. Ordinary flat mouth laminate flooring needs adhesive connection when paving, but the adhesive contains formaldehyde and other chemical components. If it is used more, it is easy to cause indoor pollution, and if it is used less, it is afraid that the connection will not be firm. Lock floor due to the role of locking force, even if no glue pavement, joints are tight, will not because of temperature changes, uplift or cracking, and other issues.

waterproof spc flooring

3. Tools / raw materials

waterproof SPC flooring

Moisture-proof cotton (not required for the floor, not required)


The knife

Glass glue (for wall edge closing)

4. Method/step

(1) Applicable floor: tile floor, old wood floor, terrazzo floor, floor heating support, cement floor, stair floor; as long as the ground is flat, it can be paved.

(2) First of all, clean the foundation floor. Make sure that the ground does not have a lot of sand, so as not to affect the use of the floor after a variety of small problems

(3) After cleaning the ground, lay damp proof cotton.


① Because the lock floor has a moisture-proof effect, now the reason for paving moisture-proof cotton is that it can separate the floor from the lock floor to prevent some small sand particles on the ground from being cleaned up, and the sound of "squeaking" sand grains when walking;

② We all know that the lock on the floor is thinner than the wood floor and composite floor. If it is directly laid on the ground, it will feel hard when walking on the tile floor. In addition to good-looking appearance, but the foot feel is too hard, then through the moisture-proof cotton can also improve the comfort of the foot

(4) Select the paving method:

① 369 splicing method

② 4 / 5 staggered front paving

③ I-type splicing

④ DIY creative splicing

5. After selecting the paving method, start laying from the position of a right angle wall. After aligning the clasps, the 45-degree angle buckle is embedded, and the floor laying does not need to hit the wooden frame; the installation can be directly paved out in this way

6. After the completion of the whole ground pavement, it will enter the last process.

If you need to install the anchor line after locking the floor, install the anchor line directly.

If the anchor line is not installed, the glass glue shall be directly applied to close the mouth. (that is, the gap between the floor and the wall is locked by the wall, and the glass glue is used to close the gap, which will make it more beautiful)

7. Finished

8. Precautions

① After aligning the clasp, when inserting the 45-degree angle buckle, you need to pay attention to buckle in slowly and do not damage the button with brute force

②In daily life, floor maintenance can be directly mapped with a mop, and the floor is waterproof



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