Difference Between Waterproof SPC Flooring, WPC and LVT


If you want to make clear what LVT, waterproof spc flooring, and WPC floor are, you have to start with the PVC floor. It is a popular product in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea in Asia. It has been popular abroad. It has entered the Chinese market since the early 1980s. So far, it has been widely recognized in large and medium-sized cities in China. It is widely used in various places, such as families, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, and businesses. "PVC floor" refers to the floor made of PVC materials. It is made of PVC and its copolymer resin as the main raw materials, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants, and other auxiliary materials on the sheet continuous substrate, through a coating process or rolling, extrusion, or extrusion process.

The so-called PVC floor, commonly known as the plastic floor, this is a large class of address, where the use of PVC as raw materials to produce the floor, roughly can be called PVC floor, LVT, waterproof spc flooring, WPC these new flooring, in fact, also belong to the category of PVC floor, they just add different other materials, so they formed an independent subcategory.

The main components of the PVC floor include PVC powder, stone powder, plasticizer, stabilizer, and carbon black. These raw materials are widely used in industrial raw materials, and their environmental safety has been verified for many years. Once upon a time, some readers questioned the host, Lao Liu, in the waterproof spc flooring reader group, why he didn't talk about the harm of plasticizer on the floor. This kind of query sometimes makes people laugh and cry. I really don't know how to explain it. People who have a little knowledge of chemistry know that there are many kinds of plasticizers. Some plasticizers are actually non-toxic. Even those with a little toxicity, most of them need to be eaten, and they need to be eaten constantly to cause harm to the body. But I haven't heard of anyone eating PVC floors as biscuits. I hope you won't be surprised. The plastic wrap you use every day contains a lot of plasticizers. After using it for so many years, it seems to be safe and sound.

Waterproof SPC Flooring

LVT floor, soft flexible floor, the professional expression for "semi-rigid sheet plastic floor", they can even be bent into a roll, need professionals to lay, so from the cost considerations, usually only suitable for large area laying. Of course, for the flat requirements of rental rooms or offices, this kind of floor is both good-looking and affordable. LVT floor recognized advantages are low price, environmental protection, wear resistance, good elasticity, impact resistance, waterproof and flame-retardant, waterproof and moisture-proof, convenient maintenance. This kind of floor is often laid in schools, kindergartens, playrooms, and also used in family children's rooms.

Waterproof spc flooring belongs to a rigid plastic floor, can also bend, but compared with the LVT floor, the bending degree is much less. Its common name is stone crystal floor, Hong Kong and Taiwan are called the stone plastic floor, or plastic stone floor. In addition to Europe and the United States, Southeast Asia is one of the areas with the most use of the waterproof spc flooring, because it is not only high in appearance but also has excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance. It costs less than paving floor tiles and saves laying time. It has many advantages, such as high environmental protection; waterproof and moisture-proof; insect and mothproof; high fire resistance; good sound absorption effect; no cracking, no deformation, no thermal expansion, and cold contraction; low price; convenient installation; no formaldehyde, heavy metal, phthalate, methanol, and other harmful substances. The disadvantage of waterproof spc flooring is that the density is high, the transportation cost is high, and the thickness is relatively thin, so there are certain requirements for the flatness of the ground.

WPC floor belongs to a semi-rigid sheet plastic floor, commonly known as the wood plastic floor because the early WPC floor added wood powder, so-called wood plastic floor. In short, it is composed of the LVT layer and WPC layer, and the foot comfort and sound absorption effect are very prominent. If the cork layer or EVA layer is added, it is said that the foot feeling is almost the same as that of the solid wood floor. From the perspective of comfort, WPC is a kind of PVC floor closest to the traditional solid wood floor, which is called the "gold grade floor" by some industries. Its environmental protection performance is also outstanding. LVT floor and SPC floor have their own characteristics. All 144 test indexes have passed. Moreover, its installation requirements are similar to that of the composite floor, which is very convenient for installation and suitable for DIY. The defect of WPC is that it can't be recycled and reused. The price of WPC is higher than that of the LVT floor and similar to the SPC floor. WPC floor, made into wallboard, used as an outdoor floor is quite a lot.



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