Installation of Waterproof SPC Flooring


How to install waterproof spc flooring?

1.Environmental confirmation:

Confirm that the ground is flat and there is no cross construction of other interior decoration works; the width direction of the continuous pavement shall not exceed 6m, and the length direction shall not exceed 8m. The excess part should be separated to explain and confirm to the customer.

waterproof spc flooring

2. Waterproof SPC Flooring Pavement

Formal steps of floor paving:

① Pave the anti-moisture cotton (pearl cotton): first lay 2.0 mm above pearl cotton, align the cotton and cotton, do not overlap, paste and seal the interface with waterproof adhesive tape, leave 5cm margin around the wall; if it is a solid wood skirting line, the wall edge should be more than 5cm (it is better to have the same height as the skirting line).

If it is used for floor heating ground, ground floor and shopping mall, a 0.6 mm thick film (greenhouse film) should be laid under the film, and the joints of each two films should be overlapped by 200 mm, and sealed tightly with adhesive strips, and about 2 cm margin should be left around and folded against the wall.

② Formal laying:

1) Pre paving: before installation, unpack the waterproof SPC flooring and place it according to different textures to see the laying effect. (select the floor with disordered patterns or large color difference and lay them under the bed or inconspicuous parts);

2) Try to install the first row of the floor from the door side of the room. In order to prevent the natural expansion of the waterproof SPC flooring, a 4-10 mm expansion joint should be reserved between the wall and the floor. The side with tongue and tenon should face outward, and a special cushion block should be added (it should be taken out after paving).

3) Floor installation method: "first long then short, first press and then push". First press the male slot into the female slot, insert the long side of waterproof SPC flooring from outside to inside 45 degrees obliquely. Then press the short side male Falcon completely into the female slot, and insert it into the female slot with the same method. Continue to use the above method to extend the first waterproof SPC flooring to install another flooring.

4) Pay attention to the installation process, when installing the last piece in the first row, first take the waterproof SPC flooring to measure the remaining part, and the floor needs to be measured in reverse. The abnormal treatment of the door frame of the room should be carefully marked and then cut.

5) When installing the second-row waterproof SPC flooring, insert the short side tenon into the groove of the previous row of the floor, and gently insert the tenon of the long side into the corresponding floor groove.

6) When there is a gap, a rubber hammer can be used to assist pavement.

7) The installation condition is inspected once every four rows to ensure no abnormal installation;

8) When installing the last row of hemming, whether to use the material head splicing or the whole board cutting connection, we should ask the user's opinions and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods; after the installation, we should walk back and forth to ensure that the floor is not loose, there is no sense of suspension, and there is no abnormal sound when trampling.

9) After the floor paving is completed and there is no abnormality, take out the special cushion block at the reserved expansion joint.

10) Installation of skirting line: the skirting line should press the film margin around and scratch off the surplus film with a blade. When installing the skirting line, the internal and external corners must be made without falling off. The gap between the skirting board and the door frame should be ≤ 2.0 mm, the joint gap of the skirting board should be ≤ 1.0 mm, and the height difference of the skirting board interface should be ≤ 1.0 mm When installing the solid wood skirting line, the drilling height on the wall shall be consistent (500 mm apart), and the pipeline inside the wall shall not be damaged. The nail hole of the skirting line must be filled with putty of the same color to make it beautiful and flat.

11) Installation of buckle: firstly, the installation position of the buckle shall be confirmed and the dimension of the buckle shall be measured. The installation of the buckle shall be vertical to the door pocket, and the screw shall be tightened. The buckle shall be stable and free of noise. The bonding shall be firm and beautiful.

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