Waterproof Rigid Core Flooring Needs Regular Maintenance


Waterproof rigid core flooring needs regular maintenance, following are the method:

1. Basic maintenance

(1) After the waterproof rigid core flooring is paved, don't move in immediately, wait for a day or two, so that the floor is stable, and then move in. After checking in, it is necessary to maintain the floor. The method is very simple.

(2) If there are metal sharp objects, glass, magnetic sheets, or other hard objects, they should be properly kept, and do not let them scratch the floor, open fire, high-power electric heater, acid-base articles, should be prohibited from direct contact with the floor, in order to prevent corrosion of the material of the waterproof rigid core flooring.

2. Cleaning

(1) The room should be kept in proper humidity, and it must be kept dry. During daily cleaning, the room should be cleaned with a dry mop; in case of stubborn stains, it should be scrubbed with neutral detergent and then dried with a mop.

(2) Oil stains, paints, inks, etc., can be used to wipe with a special oil, do not use acid-base organic solvents, such as soap, gasoline, use strictly.

waterproof rigid core flooring

3. Regular cleaning

(1) When cleaning the waterproof rigid core flooring, the dust can't be scraped or scraped.

(2) The floor can't be soaked in water for a long time. In the case of ponding, dry the floor with a dry cloth as soon as possible, and let it dry naturally. It can't be exposed to the sun or dried with electrical appliances.

4. Waxing maintenance

(1) In order to keep the waterproof rigid core flooring bright and clean for a long time and extend the service life of the floor, it is necessary to wax the floor every other time, about twice a year.

(2) Before waxing, clean the floor first, and then evenly apply a layer of floor wax. You can also wait for the first layer to dry and then apply another layer. After the second layer is slightly dry, wipe it with a soft cloth until it is smooth and bright.



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