Waterproof Rigid Core Flooring in China


Waterproof rigid core flooring is generally thin, so it has a very high requirement for the flatness of the ground. After the construction of the artificial foundation is completed, self-leveling should be done instead of self-leveling. Even if the traditional leveling method meets the national standard that the error height of any two points within 2m does not exceed 3mm, there will be great problems when paving, especially for the whole house (except kitchen and bathroom), So the construction party or decoration company is not willing to recommend, afraid of a rotten lawsuit.

waterproof rigid core flooring

Waterproof rigid core flooring now in the texture performance does have problems, generally speaking, the upper limit of appearance is low, and some net red paving way is similar to fishbone, and there is no pressing line with ceramic tile, waterproof rigid core flooring can not do the same, so the designer is not willing to recommend, afraid that the design of the work of low color value has no effect.

In terms of price, the waterproof rigid core flooring is not high, but there is also no fundamental advantage because there are many first-class and second-line brands and even miscellaneous brands in this price range for laminate flooring and multi-story flooring. Plastic chemical products will naturally give people a sense of low-cost, so most owners are still willing to choose traditional flooring, even laminate flooring.

The above three reasons directly determine the width of the waterproof rigid core flooring promotion channel. So the market is no one to do, just do a few people, a little non-mainstream meaning.

In fact, we use waterproof rigid core flooring in the basement of some villas or foreign-style houses, especially in some video and fitness areas, or in the renovation of old houses for some elders, or in the design of some training institutions for children and young people, waterproof rigid core flooring is widely used.

Here is to emphasize the advantages of the waterproof rigid core flooring: extremely environmental protection, extreme wear resistance, good elastic foot feeling, scratch resistance, skid resistance, flame retardant, and moisture resistance. In the ground pavement materials, it is indeed a product with high-cost performance.

Waterproof rigid core flooring in foreign countries, especially the developed countries in Europe and the United States, has been popularized and promoted in large areas, and many producing areas come from China. The main reason for its popularization and application abroad is cost performance or low price. Only in the Chinese market, because of people's inherent understanding of decoration materials in the early years, its market share is low. However, as a product with a variety of features, it will still occupy a certain market steadily and gradually be recognized by the public.



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