Difference Between Waterproof Spc Flooring and Wood Floor


In the traditional wood floor or floor tile popular at the same time, waterproof SPC flooring also began to quietly popular, now in European families have been more widely used. There must be many owners in the decoration of the new home will hesitate to choose what material floor, the following let us understand waterproof SPC flooring and wood floor than what advantages and disadvantages.

Difference Between Waterproof Spc Flooring and Wood Floor

From the material point of view, laying waterproof SPC flooring is lock installation, not easy to breed bacteria. When laying the wood floor, a mat should be set between the cement base and the floor. A hollow layer will be formed between the wood floor and the bottom layer. This space is a hotbed for bacteria to grow, which is not conducive to health in the long run, while waterproof SPC flooring will not have this problem.

The wood floor is more delicate, must be carefully maintained, especially can not be stained with water, and it will lead to floor cracking, bulging after water. However, waterproof SPC flooring is not easy to water in, and it will not deform after soaking in water for a long time. As well as wood floor cleaning up need to pay attention to many problems, waterproof SPC flooring does not need, usually with water mop can be, SPC lock floor main raw material is PVC, PVC is environmentally friendly non-toxic renewable resources. No affinity with water, no mildew, no deformation, and damage.

In the installation process, because waterproof SPC flooring will not produce any dust, it needs to be environmentally friendly, and the process is time-saving and labor-saving, which will not cause secondary pollution to the living room. The wood floor needs to be cut when laying, and the laying process is also more complex, so a lot of dust will inevitably be produced, which will pollute the space.

waterproof SPC flooring has good thermal conductivity and thermal insulation. In foreign countries, waterproof SPC flooring is specially designed for floor heating, because it only takes a few minutes for heat conduction and even heat dissipation. And there is no ice-cold feeling of ceramic tile, so it is comfortable to use in winter. And waterproof SPC flooring does not contain formaldehyde, long-term heating does not have a peculiar smell, and most other materials on the market contain formaldehyde, the higher the temperature, the more formaldehyde emission.

The wood floor installation technology has a great influence on the decoration effect of the wood floor. If the decoration is not good, the later use will bring certain hidden dangers. SPC lock floor refers to the floor directly laid on the ground without nails, glue, and keel in the process of floor paving. Since the lock floor is easy to be paved, disassembled, and reused, it is especially suitable for temporary places such as exhibitions and shopping malls, and the floor can also be reused when moving. Ordinary flat mouth laminate flooring needs to be connected with adhesive when paving, but the adhesive contains formaldehyde and other chemical components, so it is easy to cause indoor pollution if it is used more, and it is afraid that the connection will not be firm if it is used less. Lock floor because of the locking force, the seam is tight, will not be due to the temperature change of uplift or cracking and other issues.



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