5 Misunderstands of Waterproof SPC Flooring


1. Small application range

Waterproof SPC flooring is a very good material. It has the advantages of wear resistance, durability, and environmental protection. It is widely used in various indoor places. Covering medical, sports, school, education, kindergarten, business, office, etc., You can see the figure of waterproof SPC flooring.

2. Time of birth

PVC lock floor has been used and promoted for ten years in china. LETlock floor (thickness of 3.2mm) and WPC lock floor (common thickness: 5.5mm5.0mm) are mainly used in schools, hospitals, and other enterprises and institutions in China from the early stage. Waterproof SPC flooring is a new product born in the recent five years. Most LVT / WPC is produced by oil pressure, and the delivery period is as long as 20 days. But waterproof SPC flooring can be integrated with extrusion process molding, delivery time reduced several times.

waterproof spc flooring

3. Flame retardant means it can't burn

Some users want to take a lighter to point waterproof SPC flooring to see if it can burn. If it burns, it will not be fireproof, if not, it will be flame retardant. In fact, the state's fire rating requirements for the PVC lock floor meet the b1 level standard. According to the national standard, non-combustible materials are defined as fire-proof a-level, such as stone, face brick, etc. The technology of grade b1 flame retardant standard includes cotton ball with a diameter of 10 mm, dipped in alcohol, placed on the PVC lock floor for natural combustion. After the cotton ball is burned out, measure the diameter of the burned PVC lock floor trace. If it is less than 50 mm, it is the class b1 flame retardant standard. It's not about whether it's burning or not.

4. Wear-resistant is to scratch with sharp tools

When we are often asked about the service life and wear resistance of waterproof SPC flooring in the message area, we mention taking out sharp tools such as a knife or key and scratch on the surface of waterproof SPC flooring. If there is a scratch, it will be judged that it is not wearable. In fact, the national test on the abrasion resistance of the PVC lock floor is not simply to scratch on the surface with sharp tools but to grind the test floor with a flat bottom circular grinding disc under the pressure of 1kg. After the rotary grinding, the wear-resistant layer on the floor surface is worn out and exposed to the number of revolutions of the base. The rotation number of this node is an index to measure the wear resistance of the PVC lock floor. For example, the national minimum standard of composite floor revolution is 1500. Therefore, the wear resistance of the PVC lock floor is especially determined by the national testing institution.

5. It's not environmentally friendly to smell with your nose

To be more precise, waterproof SPC flooring with a strong pungent smell is not environmentally friendly. SPC base material itself does not contain formaldehyde, qualified waterproof SPC flooring should be 100% formaldehyde-free, may have the smell of fragrance and additives, will not cause harm to people's body, and will not make people feel uncomfortable.



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