Why Hospital Use Waterproof SPC Flooring


The quality of hospital floor materials affects the quality of the medical environment. Therefore, the requirements of the hospital on the ground are also higher and higher. Most floor materials on the market cannot enter the medical field. When the waterproof SPC flooring meets the high standard of the medical field, why can it be widely used in many hospitals?

waterproof spc flooring

Antifouling and antibacterial

The surface layer of the floor has strong anti-pollution and anti-chemical properties, and the surface layer is treated with anti-bacterial technology, which provides permanent sterilization and antibacterial treatment to prevent microorganisms from breeding inside and outside the floor.

Wear resistance and compression resistance

There are a lot of people in the hospital, and the medical cart often rubs back and forth, which requires high wear resistance of the ground. waterproof SPC flooring adopts a multi-layer structure, improves the thickness of the wear-resistant layer, uses reasonable friction coefficient, ingeniously disperses walking pressure, and shock absorption performance.

Environmental protection

The biggest advantage of the waterproof SPC flooring is safety and environmental protection, low-carbon ecology, it uses 100% natural raw materials, does not add any recycled materials, it is very in line with the use of medical ground, convenient care, long-term use.

Due to the large flow of people in public places, it is difficult to maintain the ground clean all the time. Using the UV treatment process, the waterproof SPC flooring has good antifouling and waterproof performance, which can reduce the frequency of daily maintenance such as waxing and cleaning, reduce the cycle maintenance cost, and the service life can reach about 10-15 years.



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