Do You Really Know Waterproof SPC Flooring


Misunderstanding 1: waterproof SPC flooring is plastic floor

Mention the waterproof SPC flooring, most people will be associated with the plastic floor, in fact, the waterproof SPC flooring does not belong to the plastic floor. It seems that the wood plastic floor and the plastic floor will be linked together in the past. There are two sources of raw materials for waterproof SPC flooring, stone powder, and PVC. PVC is widely used. Many tableware and infusion bags are PVC. Due to the change of formula, adding stone powder in PVC makes the material not only has the environmental protection of PVC but also has the stability of the stone. The density of the floor is far higher than that of plastic material.

Misunderstanding 2: waterproof SPC flooring has certain toxicity.

Waterproof SPC flooring has waterproof SPC flooring environmental protection is far more than the composite floor and other floors, 100% does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, and other volatile substances, more importantly, the floor water absorption is very low and has the function of anti-mold. Therefore, it can also be placed in the bathroom, kitchen, basement, and other humid environments, not only poor ventilation but also do not worry about the smell of the floor.

waterproof SPC flooring

Misunderstanding 3: waterproof SPC flooring production and processing cycle is long

It is not uncommon to have such a view, because a few years ago, some manufacturers launched the microcrystalline stone floor. At that time, the production process adopted was the mold extrusion process, which was a wood plastic material production process, with a low output. Therefore, it was not recognized by the domestic market after its introduction. But now the production process of the waterproof SPC flooring is different from before, and the output is also greatly improved. The floor of 9000 square meters can be produced in a few days. At present, many large domestic flooring brand manufacturers began to set foot in waterproof SPC flooring, some well-known brands, and cooperation with OEM. The dominant position of the composite floor in the future should be replaced by the waterproof SPC flooring.

Misunderstanding 4: waterproof SPC flooring is inferior to composite floor

The thickness of the waterproof SPC flooring is usually about 4mm-6mm, which is not as good as 12mm or 8mm of the composite floor. However, the stability of the waterproof SPC flooring is far higher than that of the composite floor. It is not only waterproof but also can be used as a floor heating floor. The square weight of the 4 mm waterproof SPC flooring can reach 8.2kg, and the density is 2.0. The compressive strength is no less than that of a composite floor.

Waterproof SPC flooring has just begun to sell well in Europe and the United States. Because of the high labor cost, most foreigners install the floor by themselves. The installation of the waterproof SPC flooring lock is convenient and fast. If you move a house, you can also pack and move the floor together, and you can change the floor as a shop. With the current tight export, began to turn to the domestic market. At present, large real estate companies and large engineering projects continue to adopt waterproof SPC flooring. In the future, waterproof SPC flooring will replace most of the composite flooring.



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