Waterproof SPC Flooring or Wooden Flooring


Take the general family as an example, when decorating, they decide to lay the floor, because the texture of the floor is better, it looks better, and the feet feel more comfortable after the floor is warm. However, in terms of material selection, there are two main types of flooring in the market, one is the solid wood floor with a relatively high price, texture, and grade, and the other is the waterproof SPC flooring with affordable price and more practical. The decoration master suggests paving waterproof SPC flooring. Although the texture and grade of waterproof SPC flooring are not as good as solid wood floors, in real use, waterproof SPC flooring can make people more satisfied, and its service life is longer than that of the solid wood floor! The final decision is to lay the floor.

The beauty of a solid wood floor is better than other floor decoration materials on the market. There is no sense of high-end atmosphere, class, comfort, and foot feeling. However, due to its location in the south, humid climate, and rainy weather, it leads to moldy and warping of solid wood flooring, which makes it less than two years old. Some floors have been seriously deformed, and the whole ground has become uneven and moldy Cloth. The scratch-resistance of the solid wood floor is very poor, even if it is the small gravel on the sole, it can scratch out obvious marks on the floor. After two or three times of maintenance, they failed to solve these problems. Finally, they replaced the waterproof SPC flooring with a ruthless heart.

If you had listened to the suggestions of the decoration master, it would not have taken so much trouble. The most important thing for the domestic floor is to consider the practicability of the floor. The waterproof SPC flooring is environmentally friendly, wear-resistant, waterproof and fireproof, highly elastic and light, and has high flexibility and plasticity. It can meet the needs of floor styles on different occasions. Its beauty is not inferior to most of the floor materials in the market. It is a really cost-effective and practical one with high-value flooring.

waterproof SPC flooring

Advantages of waterproof SPC flooring

Environmentally friendly and recyclable

waterproof SPC flooring in the production process with new plastic materials and natural stone powder as raw materials, do not use any glue, so the floor itself is not irritant chemical products, glue smell, there are no toxic substances. Its thickness is generally about 5mm, and some bottom is also pasted with soft cushion, so it can make the foot feel more comfortable, and can also play the effect of sound absorption. European and American families are very keen on this kind of floor.

Professional data: shrinkage

The size of the waterproof SPC flooring is stable and high, and its shrinkage rate is about 0.7 , that is, the shrinkage of 10 meters is 7 mm, and the temperature changes in 23-60 , which fully meets the needs of families.

Professional data: residual depression

waterproof SPC flooring itself has high hardness and elastic recovery ability, which is usually expressed as "residual depression". The professional test is to put 63.5 kg pressure on the floor, and then remove it to see the degree of depression. The test result of waterproof SPC flooring is 0.6 mm, with almost no depression.

Professional data: there is a special UV wear-resistant layer on the surface of anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion waterproof SPC flooring, which can effectively prevent the corrosion of acid and alkali, and the oil and dust in daily use can also be cleaned by simply scrubbing with clean water. Due to the continuous progress of printing technology, the wood grain effect of waterproof SPC flooring is extremely lifelike, and there is little difference between waterproof SPC flooring and solid wood floor, and the similarity is very high. In addition, the waterproof SPC flooring itself also contains a lot of stone powder, no plastic feeling can be seen at all.

Professional data: waterproof, moisture-proof, and fireproof

waterproof SPC flooring waterproof and moisture-proof technology is more advanced, compared with solid wood floor and solid wood composite floor, his best place is waterproof. Moreover, it's flame retardant technology is more advanced, can reach B1 level.

Waterproof SPC flooring with its excellent stability and durability can avoid other decoration materials in the source of environmental protection, formaldehyde disease. At present, it can be widely used in indoor decoration, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, and other public places.

More advanced lock technology

Lock technology is through the floor around the inverted tenon, in a way to bite each other to connect, so as to assemble the floor plate into a whole structure. Lock lock technology realizes the "self-connection" without any external accessories, which is the most advanced floor structure at present. With the rise of the geothermal floor, after repeated tests, the industry has gradually realized that: lock-in floor can be directly laid on the floor heating, to ensure good thermal conductivity of the geothermal floor; at the same time, lock can greatly improve the stability of the floor.

Price: low price and good quality, the price is only about 1 / 5 of solid wood floor.

Environmental protection: PVC is a non-toxic renewable resource, which is of great significance for protecting the earth's resources and achieving sustainable development.

Waterproof: The ability to waterproof and moistureproof is stronger. Vinyl resin, the main component, has no affinity with water, so it will not be damaged or deformed after being exposed to water; meanwhile, it will not mildew due to high humidity.

Installation: compared with the solid wood lock plate, the SPC lock floor has a higher requirement on the flatness of the base course. Generally, it is necessary to do self-leveling first, so that the height error of the ground within 2 cm does not exceed 2 mm. When laying, it is relatively simple, as long as the lock catch fits each other to form a precise bite, which greatly reduces the time of manual laying. The overall effect of the paved ground is uniform and beautiful. Low installation cost and no glue.

Heat conduction: good thermal conductivity, uniform heat dissipation, small thermal expansion coefficient, and relatively stable. In Europe and America, Japan, and South Korea, and other countries and regions, the PVC floor is the first choice for floor heating and heat conduction floor, which is very suitable for family paving.

Sound insulation: it has the characteristics of sound absorption and noise reduction. The interior with the PVC floor is more comfortable and safe than floor tile. It plays a perfect role in the noise of the soles between the rooms and the neighbors.



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