How to Distinguish Different Waterproof SPC Flooring?


Waterproof SPC flooring production is divided into three kinds of materials: new material, mixture, and recycled material. At present, the highest quality is produced by new materials, with stable performance and high production costs. How to distinguish it?

waterproof spc flooring

1. See the color: SPC bottom is generally SPC substrate part, SPC substrate is made of PVC resin

(1) The color of high-quality pure material is beige;

(2) If the mixture is used, the colors are mostly gray, cyan, and white;

(3) The color of recycled materials is gray-black or black.

2. Look at the appearance:

(1) The surface of a high-quality waterproof SPC flooring is flat, without obvious color spots, and the pattern is clear.

(2) However, the appearance of the waterproof SPC flooring with recycled materials and mixtures is not smooth enough, and the flatness and fit degree after the connection is also poor.

3. Touch and feel:

(1) SPC substrate has delicate hand feeling and moistening feeling.

(2) Recycled materials and mixture feel dry and waterless.

4. Translucency: the floor is placed horizontally in the air, and the flashlight is used to irradiate the floor from below. The bright floor can be seen from the top of the floor. It is a high-quality waterproof SPC flooring with good transparency.

5. Break off lock: find a sample, break the lock part of the floor, the quality is very brittle, very easy to break, high-quality SPC lock floor lock has good flexibility, not easy to break.

6. Look at the thickness: because the waterproof SPC flooring has a substrate, color film, wear-resistant layer, and UV layer if the label and actual measurement are 4.0mm, then the waterproof SPC flooring you buy is only 3.7mm-3.8mm thick. Therefore, about 0.2mm more than the marked thickness is the waterproof SPC flooring with sufficient material.

7. Anti stripping: after breaking the floor, pull hard to see whether the surface color film layer, wear-resistant layer, and UV layer are not easy to separate from the substrate, which is not easy to separate is the high-quality waterproof SPC flooring.



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