How to Prolong the Service Life of the Waterproof SPC Flooring?


As we all know, compared with the traditional wooden floor, the waterproof spc flooring has the advantages of wear resistance and has been widely used in floor decoration materials. So how to prolong the service life of the waterproof spc flooring?

waterproof spc flooring

1. Although the waterproof spc flooring is better than the solid wood floor, its wear resistance and durability are relatively strong. However, when carrying articles, especially when there are sharp metal objects at the bottom, do not drag directly on the floor, so as not to damage the floor.

2. In the daily cleaning of the waterproof spc flooring, do not use a cleaning ball or knife to scrape. The dirt that cannot be cleaned by conventional methods should be cleaned by consulting relevant after-sales personnel. Do not use chemicals such as acetone and toluene to avoid damaging the SPC floor.

3. The fire rating of SPC floor is generally B1, which is a kind of fire-retardant building decoration material, but this does not mean that SPC floor is not afraid of fire, so in daily life, please pay attention not to burn cigarette butts, mosquito-repellent incense, electrified iron, etc. High-temperature metal objects are placed directly on the floor, otherwise, the floor will be damaged.

4. If the surface of the waterproof spc flooring is damaged, the surface can be cleaned and waxed for maintenance, which can effectively extend its service life. The main component of the SPC floor is PVC, so it performs well in waterproof and water resistance. However, we also need to avoid a lot of water staying on the floor surface for a long time, because the water-soaked for a long time may seep under the floor. The floor will lose luster, and may also cause floor surface pollution due to the protective wax moisture layer.

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