What is Waterproof SPC Flooring?


Waterproof SPC flooring is a new generation of innovative flooring, which is extruded from natural stone powder and crystal extracted from nature. It is an unprecedented innovation in the history of flooring. It is as pure as pearl and crystal clear as crystal. It is skillfully produced by the screw extrusion process, thus giving birth to a new category waterproof SPC flooring.

What is Waterproof SPC Flooring?

Structure of waterproof SPC flooring

waterproof SPC flooring is a new type of floor material. It mainly uses calcium powder as raw material, which is composed of a UV transparent layer, wear-resistant layer, color film layer, SPC polymer base material layer, and soft and silent rebound layer. It is very suitable for the household floor.

waterproof SPC flooring in the production process does not need glue, so does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, and other harmful substances, the real 0 formaldehyde, green environmental protection floor, will not cause harm to the human body. Because waterproof SPC flooring is composed of wear-resistant layer, mineral rock powder, and polymer powder, it is not afraid of water, so it is not necessary to worry about the deformation and mildew of the floor caused by blisters. The waterproof, mildew-proof effect is very good, so the toilet, the kitchen can be used. The surface layer of the waterproof SPC flooring is treated by UV, so it has good thermal insulation performance. Even if barefoot steps on it, it will not be cold and cold. It is very comfortable. In addition, the rebound technology layer is added. It has good flexibility. Even if it is repeatedly bent for 90 degrees, it doesn't need to worry about falling pain. It is very suitable for places where the elderly and children go in and out frequently.

SPC water-proof floor does not expand, does not deform, does not need the later maintenance, the bottom has the sound insulation layer, the sound insulation silencing effect is also very good.

Advantages of waterproof SPC flooring

1. Waterproof and moisture-proof

The main component of the waterproof SPC flooring is a stone powder, which has good water performance and won't mold under high humidity.

2. Flame retardant

According to authorities, 95% of the victims were burned by toxic smoke and gas in the fire. The fire rating of the waterproof SPC flooring is NFPA B. No spontaneous combustion, the flame will automatically extinguish within 5 seconds, and no toxic and harmful gas will be produced.

3. Dimensional stability

When exposed to a high temperature of 80 ℃ for 6 hours, the shrinkage is less than or equal to 0.02%, and the crimping is less than or equal to 0.7mm.

4. Formaldehyde

waterproof SPC flooring is made of high-quality stone powder and PVC resin powder, which does not contain harmful substances such as benzene, propionaldehyde, and heavy metals.

5. The high wear waterproof SPC flooring adopts a transparent wear-resistant layer, and the revolution is up to 25000 revolutions.

6. Super antiskid

waterproof SPC flooring has a special anti-skid and wear-resistant layer. Compared with the ordinary floor, the SPC floor has higher friction when it is wet.

7. No heavy metal, lead-free salt: the stabilizer of the waterproof SPC flooring is calcium zinc stabilizer, without lead salt heavy metal.

8. The surface of the stain-resistant waterproof SPC flooring adopts a special process and a special UV coating, which is easy to clean. Warm mops clean milk, paint, and other stains easily.

9. The scratch-resistant waterproof SPC flooring is very thick and protected by ceramic beads, so the scratch resistance is better. Pets will not damage waterproof SPC flooring.

10. Low underfloor requirements

Compared with the traditional LVT floor, waterproof SPC flooring has direct advantages, because of its rigid core, it can hide many defects of the ground.

11. Quick installation

The lock system of the waterproof SPC flooring can help people to install quickly. It can be installed on a tile or floor. The installation of a room can be completed in 1-2 hours. People can even DIY.

12. Large-area installation

For large area installation, due to the expansion of the floor, there should be a small gap every 20-40 square meters. And waterproof SPC flooring is very stable, people can install large areas when there is no gap, such as 100-200 square meters area.



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