Misunderstanding of Waterproof SPC Flooring


About waterproof SPC flooring performance of the three conceptual misconceptions, most people will make, do you understand?

With the popularization of waterproof SPC flooring, everyone continues to know the advantages of this new type of SPC floor. How do people choose waterproof SPC flooring with high cost performance and high quality? Next, people will identify the advantages of waterproof SPC flooring for everyone.

How is waterproof SPC flooring made?

waterproof SPC flooring is made of PVC (divided into pure granular material, mixed material and purchased material), calcium powder (the difference grade is also the grade of lime powder) and solvent (chemical grade is also applied to food grade of green plant organic solvent). After high temperature hot pressing, hot pressing color film, PVC wear-resistant layer, after cooling treatment, it goes through UV processing technology (determining the stain resistance characteristics and wind resistance of wood floor) Finally, the floor cutting and slotting process (part of the decision-making floor lock compressive strength, load-bearing tensile strength), and finally packing.

Explain three misconceptions in some general understanding

1. "Flame retardant" is not "burning out"

Have to take fire machine to burn PVC wood floor, see whether it can burn, burning is not fire safety, burning is fire retardant. In fact, the fire retardant grade of PVC floor is higher than that of bf1-t0. According to the national industry standard, refractory raw materials are listed as fire safety class A, such as stone, face brick, etc. The technical content of bf1-t0 flame retardant grade includes cotton ball with diameter of 10 mm, dipped in ethanol, placed on the waterproof floor of PVC lock lock lock for natural ignition. After the cotton is burned out, the diameter of the mark on the burned PVC lock waterproof floor is accurately measured. If it is less than 50 mm, it means that the bf1-t0 flame retardant grade is not "burning on fire".

2. "Wear resistance" is not "scratch with sharp tools"

When asked about the service life and wear resistance of PVC lock waterproof floor, take out the fruit knife or key and other artifact, scratch the surface of PVC lock waterproof floor, and feel that it is not abrasion resistant if there are scratches. In fact, the national inspection on the abrasion resistance of PVC lock lock waterproof floor is not simply to scratch on the surface with artifact. It is to use a flat bottom circular grinding disc to grind and polish the wooden floor under the condition of 1 kg of pressure. After the rotation of grinding and polishing, the wear-resistant layer of the floor surface is worn and exposed to the rotational speed of the base. The rotation speed of this connection point is an index value to consider the wear resistance of PVC lock lock waterproof floor. For example, the national minimum speed standard of solid wood composite floor is 1500 rpm. Therefore, the wear resistance of PVC lock waterproof floor is measured by the national testing center.

3. "Smelling with the nose" is not eco-friendly

PVC raw material itself does not contain indoor formaldehyde, PVC lock waterproof floor in the processing process is not allowed to use formaldehyde, qualified PVC lock waterproof floor should be 100% does not contain formaldehyde release, will have the flavor of aromatic agent and additives, will not cause damage to everyone's body, and is not easy to make people feel uncomfortable.

Benefits of waterproof spc flooring

1. Moisture proof and flame retardant

waterproof SPC flooring is 100% moisture-proof. It is an ideal choice for dining room, kitchen, shower room and villa basement. Flame retardant or not easily extinguished.

2. Physical and mental health, safety and ecological protection

Say goodbye to formaldehyde, Aspergillus flavus and bacteria in the room. The product has been tested for 179 different kinds of harmful substances and other chemicals. Different from the general floor, there is no plasticizer inside, so it is more eco-friendly.

3. High temperature and low temperature resistance

People's waterproof SPC flooring is not easy to roll in most temperature or natural environment. waterproof SPC flooring can bear the temperature difference between - 75 ° C and 80 ° C. Good dimensional reliability. According to En434, the shrinkage is 0.002%, and the winding rate is 0.3mm.

4. Quality and overall strength

It's more powerful than WPC flooring and laminates, the price is right! SPC is applied together with silica core instead of wood and stone, and then the raw material of floor made of moisture-proof components is produced. SPC lock lock waterproof floor is stronger, more durable and more stable than ordinary LVT floor. It also has an improved latch connection system. The product has excellent pressure resistance (scratch resistance and wear resistance) as well as anti overflow and anti fouling properties. It has wear resistance, anti Aspergillus flavus or mildew removal characteristics, and has a skid proof effect, so that you can install it in all areas, and even closely integrated with the underfloor heating system. It has five layers of damage proof maintenance and its XPE, EVA and cork liners. This kind of cushion is glue free, waterproof SPC flooring is safe and easy to use, which can make the room noise reduction more effective.



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