Factors Affect the Service Life of Waterproof SPC Flooring


1. Rain

Professional heating and waterproof SPC flooring is essentially very water repellent. After immersion in water or rain, the surface of the floor may change color. So we should pay attention to waterproof in our daily life.

2. Air conditioner and humidifier

Professional heating floor after a long time of air conditioning treatment, the indoor air will dry, the floor is prone to expansion and contraction phenomenon, may appear cracks or trampling sound.

3. Stagnant water

Professional heating waterproof SPC flooring surface water, if not treated in time, will lead to floor discoloration, water stains and cracking, and other phenomena. Keep dry at any time and wipe clean in time.

waterproof spc flooring

4. Turbidity

When water drops on the floor, the surface of the waterproof SPC flooring will turn white. The root cause is that the durability of floor wax is not good, and the floor wax peels off from the floor surface, resulting in diffuse reflection.

5. Oil pollution

Professional heating floor oil, if not treated in time, will produce oil stains and discoloration. Should use detergent, Sina water, etc. carefully wipe, and then wax.

6. Fan heater

Professional heating and waterproof SPC flooring board blowing to the hot air for a long time, the surface coating will crack, and the floor will shrink and produce cracks. The floor can be covered with mats for protection.

7. Pets

Pet's excrement will produce alkaline corrosion to the wood, resulting in discoloration and discoloration of the floor.

8. Drugs

If the waterproof SPC flooring is stained with chemicals, it should be wiped with detergent/sodium water in time. Wipe, the surface gloss of the floor will be reduced, should be timely waxed maintenance.

The above 8 factors will affect the service life of the professional heating waterproof spc flooring. In order to prolong the service life, it is suggested that we pay attention to the maintenance of the waterproof spc flooring in our daily life.



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