How to Install Rigid Vinyl Tile


Rigid vinyl tile in the bathroom is an important decorative material for walls and floors in bathroom decoration, which occupies a very important position. Good rigid vinyl tile decoration out of the effect will be different, the service life will be longer; if the rigid vinyl tile in the installation of problems, then the quality of the entire bathroom will also decline. Today, we will introduce the installation method of rigid vinyl tile in the bathroom.

rigid vinyl tile

If the ceramic tile does not soak in water, it will snatch away the moisture in the cement mortar, reduce its strength, and reduce the adhesion between the ceramic tile and the wall, and the tile hollowing and falling off is easy to appear after a long time.

When paving, pay attention to the gap of ceramic tile and the compactness of cement mortar to reach a certain standard.

It is normal that the hollowing rate of ceramic tile accounts for less than 5% of the whole wall tile surface.

Pay attention to choose high-quality rigid vinyl tile when purchasing, which is the premise to ensure the quality of tile paving. In the construction process, the construction personnel may propose that the wall flatness error is large, and some measures need to be taken to supplement and level the wall separately. If some scattered expenses need to be added, the consumers should give support and cooperation as much as possible according to the situation.

The so-called ceramic tile draught is to put the ceramic tile in clear water to soak in advance for a period of time, generally, in about 2 hours, the actual operation can be based on the density of ceramic tile, the specific situation of the specific analysis.

Before laying rigid vinyl tile, it is also necessary to pay attention to the sufficient immersion of the tiles, so that the tiles can completely eat enough moisture, so as to avoid the hollowing and falling off of the tiles.

The traditional tile paving method is to use cement mortar for paving.

First of all, the proportion of cement mortar should be reasonable, and the volume ratio between them is 1:1. If in this case, the ceramic tile is still empty more, in addition to the workers in the process of paving technology is not high, the main reason is that the ceramic tile draft is not enough.

This is to ensure that the moisture in the cement mortar will not be snatched away by the tile after the rigid vinyl tile is pasted on the wall, so as to achieve its maximum strength, so as to prevent the tile from hollowing and falling off, which is the main reason for the ceramic tile to soak in water.



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