Complete Rigid Core Luxury Vinyl Plank Paving Method


Ordinary I-type installation

I-type is a common paving method in our daily life. One of them is half laying method, that is, two adjacent rigid core luxury vinyl plank are aligned with the central line, and the other is one-third paving method, which is also very common, that is, the head of a rigid core luxury vinyl plank is at one-third of the adjacent one, which is similar to one-half, There are also quarter or fifth paving methods, but there is a new name called step-by-step-high because the effect looks like a step-by-step arrangement, so it is named step-by-step-high.

Herringbone installation

Herringbone is a kind of red net pattern in home decoration in recent years. It is popular. Two pieces of rigid core luxury vinyl plank are put together to form a herringbone, which is another kind of visual sense. It seems that when the herringbone is seen along the lines, due to the light, it will create a special light and shadow feeling. It seems that the colors of a column are different from those on the edge, which is actually a kind of There are many kinds of colors and herringbone spelling. The first traditional herringbone pattern starts from the middle of the room. The above picture shows the straight herringbone spelling, which is an ethylene base plate along the direction of the room wall. The advantage of straight herringbone spelling is less loss.

rigid core luxury vinyl plank


If you don't look at it carefully, you may feel that it's similar to herringbone spelling. In fact, if you look closely, you can find that the single piece of rigid core luxury vinyl plank made of fishbone is a parallelogram. For example, the star Jing Boran's house is such a paving method. The fake fishbone is actually a rectangular tile or rigid core luxury vinyl plank, but the lines on it look like a fishbone. This is also a compromise. At least, the labor cost is not so expensive.

Rigid core luxury vinyl plank on Wall

Use vinyl baseboard on the wall to do fishbone assembly, when the TV background, the effect is quite unique.

Other paving methods

Most of the parquet rigid core luxury vinyl plank is not assembled on site. When it is sold, it is a square piece that has been assembled. Due to the small demand, the unit price of this kind of rigid core luxury vinyl plank is higher than the price in most cases.



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