High End Rigid Core SPC Flooring


Rigid core spc flooring (LVF) is a relatively new term that covers high-end vinyl stone like tiles (LVT) and high-end vinyl wood like flooring (LVP). The selection of the corresponding categories reflects different aesthetic views. Some people like the limestone or marble style of LVT floor, while others like the Papuan ebony or tropical bamboo style of LVP floor. However, they all have the properties of wear resistance, low maintenance and high cost performance of rigid core spc flooring.

High End Rigid Core SPC Flooring

Architects and construction experts are fans of LVT flooring. Through digital imaging technology and exquisite manufacturing technology, the surface decor and texture of rigid core spc flooring made of imitation stone or wood can achieve the realistic effect of false and real, so that experts can not distinguish them from real wood floor or ceramic tile.

High End Rigid Core SPC Flooring

According to the World Association of flooring materials, it is the premise of the whole high-end vinyl base plate system to be able to use advanced photography technology to reproduce real hardwood and stone. Four different layers are then fused together to produce the final product, which in turn is an elastic vinyl support layer, a vinyl color coating layer, a photographic film layer, and a top covering layer of polyurethane or alumina. The top protection layer (also known as the wear-resistant layer or mill layer) is critical to the durability of the product, and the top quality products even have a wear-resistant layer up to 40 mils thick. At present, many commercial products have successfully used wear-resistant layer design of 20 mils or above. (Note: mils are also known as milliinches, 1 mil = 25.4 microns)

From the perspective of optical and visual effects, high-end vinyl stone like tiles and high-end vinyl wood like flooring can imitate natural stone, all kinds of hardwood and all kinds of ceramic tile styles, which is undoubtedly in line with the diversified practical needs of contemporary life. But compared with its fashionable and avant-garde design, rigid core spc flooring is also recognized for its durability, easy cleaning and easy maintenance. Because of this, they can be seen everywhere, whether it's a farmer's home in a remote country or a luxury apartment in a fashionable city.



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