Pavement of Waterproof Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring


Precaution before paving waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring

1. Make sure the ground is dry, flat, and clean before paving. Test method for floor drying: cover a small piece of film (about 1000X1000 mm) on the ground to be paved, and seal it with tape for 12 hours. If there is moisture condensation on the inner wall of the film, it indicates that the ground is in a wet state, otherwise, it is dry.

2. The ground to be paved shall be flat, and the surface height difference of each square meter shall be ≤ 3mm.

3. Before opening and paving, the waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring must be placed on the flat ground at room temperature for 48 hours, so as to match the room temperature and humidity.

4. It is recommended to use no glue pavement when paving. If it is necessary to use vinyl special paving glue, in order to achieve the best effect and efficient quality assurance.

5. Waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring should not be in the kitchen, toilet, open balcony, outdoor, and other areas prone to moisture, direct sunlight, and explosion.

Pavement of Waterproof Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring

Basic principles of pavement

1. Professional tools must be used. It is not allowed to nail or glue the waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring on the ground.

2. A 10-12mm expansion joint shall be reserved between the floor and the wall, column, and other fixed objects, and the corresponding expansion joint shall be reserved under the door between the two rooms. If the length of any paved ground exceeds 8000 mm, an additional expansion joint of 8-12mm shall be left between the floor exceeding the length and the floor, which shall be treated with a buckle strap.

3. When paving, the ends of each floor should be staggered by more than 300 mm, or three, six, nine pavement forms are more beautiful.

4. It is suggested that the paving method should be free of glue, and the paving materials of the kitchen, toilet, and other materials should be added with buckle strips.

5. The paving direction of the waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring should be parallel to the direction of outdoor light, and then parallel to the long side of the room.

6. If it is paved with glue, it is not allowed to move on the floor within 24 hours after completion.

7. It can be laid on the water heating floor, but not on the electric heating floor.

8. The pavement on the new cement floor must pass the drying test, and the method shall refer to Article 1 of precautions before paving.

Pavement of Waterproof Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring

Pavement description

1. If you want to lay a layer of 2 mm thick HDPE mat on the ground, seal the joint with tape. First, lay a layer of polyethylene film with a thickness of 0.5mm or more on the geothermal ground, overlap the joint by more than 50mm and seal with tape.

2. Start laying from a corner of the room, place the floor tenon side against the wall, and leave a joint of 8-12mm between the floor and the wall.

3. If it is paved with glue, please use a special glue for the laminate floor to daub the upper part of the tenon on the floor. The amount of application is only 1 / 4 of the amount of glue on the ordinary floor. First, connect the short side, then raise it slightly, carefully tap the tenon and groove wood base plate, and install the floor into the front floor tenon and groove to make the joint close. The residual glue should be removed by scraper after 15 minutes.

4. When paving the last row of floors, measure the width of the last row of floors. At the same time, pay attention to leave an 8-12mm expansion joint between the floor and the wall, remove the redundant floor, and pave with the hook.

5. Clean the floor after installing the skirting line at the reserved position.

Pavement of Waterproof Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring

Maintenance guide

1. When cleaning the waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring, please use a vacuum cleaner or a wrung-out rag. Do not wash with water, but wipe with special care wax for strengthening the plate.

2. When going out, please close the doors and windows to prevent rain. If it is accidentally wet, it should be dried in time.

3. When dealing with waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring stains, it is not allowed to use hard fiber or strong acid or alkali to clean the floor, and soft fiber cloth should be used to clean the floor.

4. A pad should be placed in front of the door to reduce the wear of sand on the floor.

5. Don't drag on the floor when moving furniture. The foot of furniture should be pasted with a soft cushion, and the movable chair should be made of a soft rubber pulley.

6. It is recommended to do waterproof isolation treatment at the joint of the toilet, kitchen, and floor, and use floor waterproof oil at joints.

Precautions for pavement in the geothermal area

Statement: the following five points for attention of geothermal pavement must be carried out under the premise of fully meeting the pavement requirements. If the pavement is carried out under the conditions of non-compliance or non-standard construction, the factory will not accept the remaining problems.

1. The installed heating system pipeline should be evenly distributed, and the surface should be fixed with cement or glue, and then the ground surface should be leveled.

2. When installing the geothermal system, pay attention to the system sealing firmly to prevent liquid overflow and prevent the floor from directly contacting the heating pipe.

3. Before paving, the temperature of the heating system shall be gradually increased to the maximum, 5 ℃ each time, and the maximum temperature shall be kept for 72 hours.

4. Within 3 days before and after paving, the temperature of the ground heating system should be controlled at 18 ℃. After 3 days of paving, the temperature can be increased according to 5 ℃ until the ideal temperature is reached.

5. It can be used for ground heating (≤ 60 ℃), and the floor surface temperature should not exceed 27 ℃.


1. Please read the pavement instruction carefully before use. After paving, it means that you understand and accept the pavement instructions.

2. All waterproof rigid core vinyl floorings must be inspected under good light conditions, and the quality claim does not include the used floor.



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