How to Install Elevator SPC Vinyl Tile


Elevator SPC vinyl tile installation requirements, in addition to the conventional SPC vinyl tile installation requirements, the lockbox must be smooth, while the height and fall of less than 2 mm, the wet box should be cleaned and dried.

How to install SPC vinyl tile in Elevator

In view of the elevator, the original floor's material and the level condition are different, must take the corresponding ground level off measure.

1. If the surface is patterned steel, the elevator can not meet the installation requirements of the SPC vinyl tile can use a fire plate to level the ground, and then in the fire plate to install elevator SPC vinyl tile or other ways to level the car.

2. If the elevator floor is made of old tiles or marble, it can be cleaned up, repaired, or completely removed to reduce the weight of the elevator and save energy.

3. Elevators with SPC vinyl tile on the surface

If the area of damage is large, clean all the old SPC vinyl tiles first, clean the floor of the residual glue, smooth; so that the floor surface to maintain smooth, flat, and then install new SPC vinyl tiles on the floor. If the degree of damage is small, see the actual situation can be directly paved. The elevator decoration ground material gradually transforms from the traditional marble tile class to the more energy-saving, the load is lighter SPC vinyl tile. There are conventional spc vinyl tile laying, as well as a variety of custom-made PVC custom elevator mats.

How to install SPC vinyl tile in Elevator



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