Installation of Rigid Core SPC Flooring


There are a lot of rigid core spc flooring interested customers are concerned about a question, rigid core spc flooring good installation? Today I will give you a detailed introduction on how to install.

How to Install Rigid Core SPC Flooring

Rigid core spc flooring preparation before installation

1. When calculating floor requirements by Gross leasable area, the wear and tear is usually 5% . If installed at a certain angle, the loss is generally 10-15% ;

2. before installation, must have 2 days to allow the floor to adapt to the new environment, the floor level on a flat floor, indoor temperature control between 18 degrees Celsius and 29 degrees Celsius, do not open package. Avoid direct sunlight and large temperature changes.

How to Install Rigid Core SPC Flooring

Ground preparation before rigid core spc flooring laying

1. Floating floors are generally required to be on a self leveling surface of plywood, OSB boards, tiles, or cement. If it is installed on the original floor, then the original floor must be firmly nailed or glued to the ground, and must be flat. Wooden plywood, OSB boards, or flooring must be flat.

2. The unevenness of the base should be less than 2mm in the range of 2m, otherwise suitable self-leveling should be adopted for leveling. In-situ if there is no moisture treatment, should be laid a layer of waterproof polyethylene film (film and film lapped 20cm) .

3. Clean and dust before installation to make sure there is no debris or grit on the floor and that it is dry, clean and level. Nails and screw heads must be thoroughly hammered in. Flatten any protrusions or crevices in the ground. Parts of the ground that are flaking, bulging, or damaged must be repaired.

Rigid core spc flooring mounting method

1. First check the floor, will be tenon side against the wall, floor and wall should be left between 10 mm expansion joints. After the floor bonding is completed, the upper person is forbidden within 24 hours, and the wooden wedge is removed after the glue is dried.

2. The second row of the first floor in the long side of the installation as shown, will be laid the floor tenon slot inserted in the first row of the floor at an angle of 20 degrees to gently lift the floor until the joint position to press down on the floor, so that it is closely connected.

3. Like other floors, continue to lay the floor should be as the above-mentioned vertical direction wedge into the correct position.

4. When the plate is wedged in the longitudinal direction, the distance between the front of the plate and the front plate should be as small as possible. Then use the hammer plate to strike the short side horizontally to make them join together, and the special design of the lock catch will automatically close.

Points for attention in rigid core spc flooring mounting

1. Check the light source, along with the direction of light parallel to the laying of the floor its visual effect can be better.

2. Stagger joint laying the floor, the floor between the short side joints should stagger more than 300mm, the floor will be more stable, durable, beautiful. Check each floor to make sure there is no damage before installation.



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