Where Can Be Paved with the Waterproof Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring?


Waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring is in line with the development concept of national green environmental protection. Its main components are stone powder and PVC composite materials mixed in a certain proportion. Then, after plasticizing and extruding, the decorative layer and wear-resistant layer of the hot-pressed color film are made by four rolls calendering, which do not contain harmful substances or heavy metal formaldehyde. Here's what you can do with waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring:

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Where can be paved with the waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring? The vinyl floor in the pavement of the basic requirements is flat, elastic appropriate. To sum up, there are three points

1. If it is used to decorate the rough floor of a new house, it needs to do self-leveling first and then paving. Because the floor of the blank room is easy to get sand (if it is directly paved, it is more troublesome for the sand to enter the lock of the floor)

2. If it is suitable for floor renovation, no matter the original floor is the composite floor, ceramic tile, marble, wood floor As long as it is not excessively damaged and has obvious concave-convex, it can be directly paved.

3. When the waterproof rigid core vinyl flooring is paved, the elasticity of the floor should be appropriate, not too soft. For example, the vinyl floor can not be paved on foam mats.

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