How to insulate the rigid core spc flooring?


People are sensitive to sound, in today's era of promoting private space, for the busy streets, people are more and more inclined to have a private quiet small nest, however, quiet small nest, it's not just about space, it's also about sound. So I have to mention is the sound insulation, involving a wide range of rigid core spc flooring insulation. So, how is rigid core spc flooring board soundproof again? How does it insulate against sound? How do we choose if we want to make soundproof rigid core spc flooring? Is the price of soundproof rigid core spc flooring acceptable? With these questions to read this article, we will certainly greatly benefit.

How to soundproof the rigid core spc flooring?

How to soundproof the rigid core spc flooring?

Laying the ground acoustic pad to reduce noise, the ground acoustic pad is mainly used for KTV, factories, discos, home theater, etc. .

Sound insulation principle of floor mats:

The surface acoustic pad can form floating structure through the elasticity of the nano-foam, which breaks the solid sound transmission effect. It also improves the coincidence effect of the upper ground and enhances the acoustic resistance. Through the tiny holes of the nano-foam, the acoustic energy of the ear sensitive frequency band can produce cavity resonance, weaken the energy of the sound, and reduce the noise. The sound-proof mat on the ground can change the frequency of sound transmission and reduce the number of reflections through the resonance effect of the nano-foam cavity.

How to soundproof the rigid core spc flooring?

Installation of rigid core spc flooring:

1. Clean the floor smoothly and cut the floor mats to the desired size before installation.

2. Lay the sound proof mat on the ground, seal the joint with glue first, then glue a layer of sealing tape to cover the joint to prevent sound transmission through the solid ground.

3. Avoid air bubbles between the floor mat and the floor during construction.

4. Immediately after laying the product, cover the floor with cement and rigid core spc flooring.



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