The Rigid Core Spc Flooring the Thicker, the Better?


When rigid core spc flooring was first introduced to the market, it was only 6 mm thick. In the following years, 8 mm floor has been dominating the market. In recent years, the thickness of the floor has been increasing, and now 12 mm floor into the mainstream, the market and the emergence of 13 mm, 15 mm thick floor. This industry trend makes many consumers have the illusion: buy laminate wood flooring is very focused on the thickness, that the thicker the floor is more weight, it means more solid, more durable, the quality will naturally be better. Is this really the case?

Is the Rigid Core Spc Flooring the Thicker, the Better?

Viewpoint one: 8 mm for the best thickness

Substrate density determines the comfort and service life of laminate wood flooring: laminate wood flooring substrate to achieve better physical performance, must use the density of high-density fiberboard between 0.85 to 0.95 grams per cubic centimeter. The density of high-density fiberboard and the physical properties of the substrate are extremely close, and the physical properties of the substrate will increase significantly with the density of high-density fiberboard. Research shows that the physical properties of the substrate are best within the above density range. In terms of comfort, the substrate within the above density range has a similar sense of elasticity, footing and temperature.

Uniformity of substrate density distribution to meet the performance of rigid core spc flooring use: Controlling the level of density distribution on the surface of the substrate is a key factor to meet the laying and use of laminate wood flooring. Control the uniformity of substrate horizontal density can ensure uniform density distribution of the substrate in the width direction, because from the moisture-proof point of view, the surface of the floor and the backing plate due to the use of different situations, the degree of moisture contact is also different, different interlayer thickness with uniform density will be able to make the moisture absorption and expansion rate produced by the more consistent, so that the size performance more stable. As the lock structure is based on the processing of different thicknesses of substrate between layers, thus ensuring uniform density between layers is the key to ensuring the size, strength and bonding of the lock, and is also an important means to make rigid core spc flooring both beautiful and resistant to deformation.

Is the Rigid Core Spc Flooring the Thicker, the Better?

Viewpoint two: the production process to determine the quality of the rigid core spc flooring, 8 mm is not the best

At present, some domestic enterprises have developed a thickness greater than 8 mm laminate wood flooring. The thickness of the substrate used in this type of flooring is generally between 9 and 12 mm, the requirements of the substrate and 8 mm is the same, the density of the surface needs to reach about 1100 kg/m3, which is a necessary condition for the production of thickened laminate wood flooring. The high-density area of this type of flooring substrate is similar to 8mm flooring, but its secondary high-density area is thicker than the secondary high-density area of 8mm flooring, so its elasticity and stability are greatly improved, and the foot feels better.

Not only that, because the thickness of the floor has increased, the floor absorb sound energy role is stronger, effectively reduce noise. To imitate solid wood flooring, for example, it uses thickened flooring substrate, the advantages of rigid core spc flooring and solid wood flooring effectively combined, and the original plane printing wood grain method to three-dimensional wood grain synchronous pressing printing, true to the natural expression of the original wood style, such flooring not only visually to bring consumers a real sense of real wood, but also strive to create a real wood-like comfortable quality and good silence on the feet effect.

Production thickness of more than 8 mm rigid core spc flooring, the production equipment, technical level of enterprises have extremely high requirements, so only large, professional enterprises to produce the product of the indicators to meet the provisions of the relevant national standards. Therefore, we need to know when buying rigid core spc flooring is the quality determinant is not the thickness, the key also depends on the manufacturer's material, strength and process level.

In fact, the thick board and thin board, once the surface is worn out can not be used. Therefore, the quality of the floor surface, to a large extent, related to the service life of the wooden floor, rather than the thickness of the board. The decisive factor affecting the quality of rigid core spc flooring is not the thickness, consumers in the purchase of rigid core spc flooring, to see how the manufacturer's level of material and process.



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