​Why the couple finally choose rigid core spc flooring


Why the Couple Choose Rigid Core SPC Flooring

After getting a new house, the biggest thing is to decorate it, if the decoration is satisfactory is not bad, if the decoration is not good, even if the individual places are not good, it will make people very depressed mood, directly affecting the mood of the new house.

Why the couple choose rigid core spc flooring

Take the couple, the decoration of the time decided to lay the floor, because the texture of the floor is better, looks more upscale, with floor heating after the feeling of the feet are more comfortable. But in the selection of materials let the two couples torn, the market flooring there are mainly two kinds, one is relatively expensive, texture and grade is also a little higher solid wood flooring, the other is affordable point, but also more practical rigid core spc flooring. The decorator suggested laying rigid core spc flooring, rigid core spc flooring although the texture and grade is not as solid wood flooring, but really use, rigid core spc flooring is more satisfactory, and the service life is longer than solid wood flooring! The final decision of the two couples or lay solid wood flooring.

The beauty of solid wood flooring is indeed better than other ground decorative materials on the market, high-end atmosphere, comfort and footing are also no comment, but because it is located in the south, the climate is humid, rainy weather is more, which leads to solid wood flooring is easy to mold and warp, the use of less than two years, some floors have been seriously deformed, the whole ground becomes uneven, mold dense. Solid wood flooring is very poor scratch resistance, even the small gravel on the bottom of the shoe, can scrape out obvious traces in the floor then surface. So the couple maintenance two or three times also failed to solve these problems, and finally or a ruthless all replaced the rigid core spc flooring.

Why the couple choose rigid core spc flooring

If you listen to the advice of the decorator, it will not be so much trouble, the most important thing is to consider the practicality of the floor, rigid core spc flooring, environmentally friendly wear-resistant, waterproof and fire-resistant, high elasticity and lightweight, high pattern plasticity, to meet the needs of different occasions on the floor style, aesthetics is not second to most of the ground materials on the market, is really cost-effective and practical value of the floor.



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