Traps of Irregular SPC Core Flooring Factory


Regular SPC core flooring factory will select the best floor through rigorous testing, and eliminate the inferior floor. However, the inferior floor is not tested, and the inferior material is selected. They even purchase the old floor from the second-hand market for renovation. The fabric layer is also the worst. If consumers use these floors that have not been tested, the formaldehyde will exceed the standard, Minor injuries.

1.The inferior SPC floor is mostly unqualified: many departments and shopping mall self-inspection found that this kind of product qualification rate is very low, the design organization is unreasonable, the safety risk is big, most do not meet the requirements and standards. SPC core flooring factory related production qualification is not perfect, even workshop type processing point, most of them have no legal production qualification. There is no professional production line, no inspection of the products, most of the production environment is workshop type black processing points, no R&D team to guide the production, and most of them rely on copying and imitating the formal brand products. Most of these products are unqualified and illegal, which are severely punished by the industry and industrial and commercial departments.

2.There is no guarantee for poor-quality flooring: most of the flooring is produced by workshop-style black processing points, and there is no after-sales service system and outlets. Once the product has an accident or failure, it is difficult to protect the consumer's rights. Many SPC core flooring factory is not responsible for the accident, and many cases prove that the dealers are not responsible for the accident or after-sales, and the manufacturers are unable to contact, Most of the products with low configuration or unqualified products are fake and shoddy brands, and they don't care about the negative word-of-mouth generated by the products sold. Because their product configuration is low and extremely cheap, they sell one to earn one.

3.Poor quality SPC floor cracks after two months of use: the poor quality floor has a short service life, even after 2-3 months of use, after-sales or accidents occur, which can not meet the national standard. Therefore, although the retail price of this product is very low, its durability is poor, safety is low, and more wasteful, so consumers are not recommended to buy it.

rigid spc vinyl floor

See how inferior SPC core flooring factory saves cost:

The so-called workshop-style flow production means that most of the individual cottage production workshops without production license and safety qualification have low personnel cost, land occupation cost, equipment cost, etc. after purchasing cheap and inferior accessories, several people in the workshop-style assemble them together and then sell them through low-end channels.

SPC core flooring factory production configuration is not qualified, production structure is unreasonable is a common phenomenon of fake and inferior products, such as PVC particles, calcium powder, wear-resistant layer, fabric paper are inferior, so this kind of floor is very dangerous to use.

Consumers in the purchase of flooring attention: no test report of SPC floor do not buy. Don't buy the floor with obvious quality problems. Irregular SPC core flooring factory, or no factory maintenance or quality inspection certificate do not buy.

Formaldehyde pollution formaldehyde is widely used in interior decoration, especially adhesives, which can volatilize a large number of organic pollutants. Long-term contact with these organic compounds will stimulate the skin, respiratory tract, and cornea, and cause contact dermatitis, conjunctivitis, asthmatic bronchitis, and other diseases.

spc core flooring

The rampant of these fake and shoddy products not only cause the infringement of consumers' rights and interests, but also damages the reputation and reputation of the formal SPC core flooring factory, and disturbs the image and order of the whole building materials industry. Therefore, as consumers, it is every consumer's responsibility to refuse fake and cheap floor products, starting from you and me, to maintain consumer safety.



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