Can the floor of SPC Core Flooring Factory install in Kitchen?


Many people have confusion that whether SPC core flooring can be used in the kitchen. SPC Core Flooring Factory will give you some advices, the following three points are very important: the moisture content, waterproof and anti-skid effect of SPC core flooring. The characteristic of SPC core flooring is that it is afraid of water, moisture and bumps, and it is prone to scratches, especially in the case of high temperature in summer and stuffy kitchen, the wood is more likely to deform due to high temperature. In the case of SPC core flooring in the living room and SPC core flooring in the kitchen, it will be better in terms of aesthetics and unified style. So what do you need to pay attention to if you want to use SPC core flooring in the kitchen? Here's the point!

First, it depends on the moisture content of the floor.

If you want to use SPC core flooring in the kitchen, you must test the moisture content of wood. When the moisture content of the floor is higher than the equilibrium moisture content, it is easy to cause SPC core flooring deformation and moisture, which will affect the service life of SPC core flooring. I guess someone will ask, how do you test it?, Let me teach you some simple test methods. First, weigh the weight. After natural air drying, the weight of wood will be much lighter than that of wood with high moisture content.

SPC core flooring in the kitchen

Second, listen to the sound.

You can knock the SPC core flooring with your knuckles. If the sound is crisp, it means that the water absorption is low. Finally, touch it. If it feels cold by hand, it means that the water content of this floor will be relatively high. Of course, the above methods are mainly based on feelings and can only play a guiding role at most. If you want to get the exact answer, it is recommended that you spend money to buy peace of mind and buy a moisture content tester for professional testing.In addition to the floor material, the installation process is also very important. Try to install in sunny weather. At the same time, lay moisture-proof membrane (generally about 5-10mm thick) and apply moisture-proof oil, which can effectively prevent the penetration of underground moisture. In addition, after installing the floor, you can wax the SPC core flooring regularly.

In addition to being waterproof and moisture-proof, it can also reduce the wear of the floor and increase the brightness of the floor.Second, look at fire resistance. Installing wooden floors in the kitchen, fire resistance is very important. As for why everyone is so smart, I don't need to say more. At present, the general SPC core flooring in the market will be painted with fire retardant coating. The surface of the reinforced floor is aluminum oxide, which itself has the function of fire prevention, while the solid wood floor is wear-resistant paint, and the fire resistance is much worse. Therefore, it is safe to brush an additional layer of fire retardant coating when paving SPC core flooring in the kitchen. The price of general fireproof SPC core flooring is 300 yuan per flat. When choosing fire-proof SPC core flooring, we should first see whether there is a flame retardant product logo, and then confirm whether it has passed the fire protection certification of the Ministry of fire protection. Keep these two points in mind when buying, you can avoid buying some fireproof SPC core floorings with wrong goods.

Third, it depends on the anti-skid effect.

Under normal circumstances, the anti-skid effect of SPC core flooring will be better than that of ordinary ceramic tiles. However, there is a lot of oil smoke in the kitchen, which will inevitably be stained with oil stains. In this way, it is easy to fall and slip. Therefore, when selecting SPC core flooring, anti-skid performance is also worthy of attention. We can choose solid SPC core flooring, solid wood composite floor and reinforced composite floor. The anti-skid effect of these three floors in the process of use is still very good. In addition, SPC core flooring factory recommends that you allocate some budget to buy a kitchen range hood with good performance, which can greatly reduce the oil stain in the kitchen and reduce the corrosion and pollution of space oil fume to SPC core flooring.



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