How SPC vinyl flooring supplier impact the epoxy flooring industry?


Epoxy floor is believed to be familiar to everyone. It is mainly used in factory workshops, warehouses, laboratories, parking lots and other places. It is one of the more popular floor decoration materials. The characteristics of epoxy floor determine its position in floor decoration. However, in recent years, with the popularity of SPC vinyl flooring, more and more consumers prefer SPC vinyl flooring. How much impact has SPC vinyl flooring supplier had on the epoxy flooring industry? Next, we will compare it from three aspects.

SPC vinyl flooring supplier

1.Performance comparison between SPC vinyl flooring and epoxy floor

Epoxy floor has the characteristics of strong acid-base resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, mildew resistance, waterproof and dust prevention. These characteristics are required by the factory workshop. Therefore, epoxy floor is loved by industrial places. However, the emergence of SPC vinyl flooring supplier threatens the position of epoxy flooring in industrial places. SPC vinyl flooring has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance and pressure resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof, antibacterial and mildew proof, pressure mark, easy cleaning and care, etc. compared with epoxy floor, it has obvious advantages.

2.Price comparison between SPC vinyl flooring and epoxy floor

The price of SPC vinyl flooring supplier is mainly affected by two aspects: one is the production process and the other is the thickness. When we compare prices, we either compare different thicknesses of the same process or between different processes with the same thickness. If we compare prices of different processes with different thicknesses, it has no reference value. Similarly, if we compare the price of SPC vinyl flooring with that of epoxy floor, we also need to compare the same thickness. Normally, epoxy floor with the same thickness is slightly more expensive than SPC vinyl flooring.

3.Comparison of construction time between SPC vinyl flooring and epoxy floor

The construction of SPC vinyl flooring supplier is generally divided into two methods, glue full paving and tape paving. The tape paving method is the simplest, which is generally suitable for small area and temporary use. The glue laying method requires glue brushing, glue drying, roller flattening and welding. It is slightly more complex and needs professional construction masters to pave. The construction process of epoxy floor is very complex, and the construction period is also relatively long. Compared with the ready to use of SPC vinyl flooring, the epoxy should be dried after paving, and then various experiments can be carried out before it can be put into use.

The comparison between SPC vinyl flooring and epoxy floor is the collision between new ground materials and traditional ground materials. Each has its own advantages. How to choose is still to be determined according to its own needs.



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