What industries that SPC vinyl flooring supplier mainly serve?


SPC vinyl flooring supplier is relatively novel and potential forces in the decorative building materials industry at this stage. At present, PVC is widely used in the industry, and the demand is also expanding day by day. Let's take a look at what industries SPC vinyl flooring supplier mainly serve.

1. Children, culture and education industry:

Children are the flowers of the motherland. In order to better safety and health, we have high requirements for floor materials, such as early education institutions, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, public libraries, children's training organizations, baby indoor swimming pools and other places, and have high requirements for moisture-proof PVC children's floors.

2. Medical industry:

The demand of the medical industry for SPC vinyl flooring is anti-skid, antibacterial and wear-resistant, such as a series of diagnosis and treatment places such as hospital clinics, outpatient clinics, health and epidemic prevention stations, consulting rooms, maternal and child health hospitals, beauty shops (plastic institutions).

3. Hotel accommodation:

As a hotel accommodation, the hotel restaurant has high requirements for air quality standards and fire safety and health. The waterproof coiled material floor can be installed on the wall, and has the advantages of fire safety and noise reduction. There is no dead corner in environmental sanitation.


4. Collaborative office system:

The working environment of contemporary people and the natural environment of restaurants are elegant and poetic. SPC vinyl flooring solves the requirements of decorative patterns and color contrast very well.

5. Nursing home:

The elderly will have inconvenient hands and legs due to their old age. Here, the anti-skid performance and sound insulation of floor glue give full play to their great effects.

6. Plant:

With the expansion of students' employment market demand, hardware factories, microbial pharmaceutical companies, clean rooms, food processing plants and purification workshops are more widely used. The corrosion resistance, fire resistance and flame retardancy of productive floors meet the national standards.

7. Home:

SPC vinyl flooring is more widely used in the living room and bedroom, which is more waterproof and wear-resistant than wood flooring. It is not easy to bulge when the service life is long. Children's rooms use children's flooring to prevent indoor formaldehyde and ensure environmental protection and safety.

8. Transportation industry:

Airports, subway stations, bus stations, buses and other places have closed spaces with large passenger flow, and are often rolled by special tools such as suitcases and trolleys. Therefore, the SPC vinyl flooring for pavement should have a long service life, be able to bear high-frequency applications and unique natural environment, and be anti-skid, wear-resistant and safe.

9. Sports, fitness, games and entertainment industry:

Standardized fitness clubs have special technical floors for equipment areas, private education areas and yoga and dance areas, which generally involve rubber mats, 360 customized floors, waterproof coiled material floors, etc. Fitness club service facilities immediately affect consumers' sense of experience.

10. New outdoor / indoor fitness programs:

With the upsurge of the national fitness campaign, PVC fitness sports floor and floating floor are used in stadiums, kindergartens, outdoor basketball courts, badminton courts and table tennis courts. Today, when energy conservation, environmental protection and recycling are advocated, SPC vinyl flooring will continue to develop, design and expand and step into every household.



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