3 points to analysis the floor of SPC vinyl flooring supplier


SPC vinyl flooring is mainly used in hospitals, schools, offices, workshops, supermarkets and other public places. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance, pollution resistance, fire prevention and waterproof. The production process of SPC vinyl flooring supplier adopts the laminated composite process, and its thickness is generally 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.6mm and 3.0mm. How to buy SPC vinyl flooring with high cost performance is a problem that many consumers pay more attention to. Different SPC vinyl flooring supplier create different brands, and the price is naturally different. Next, we will comprehensively analyze SPC vinyl flooringing from three concerns.

1.Focus on the bottom

SPC vinyl flooring is divided into two kinds of bottom layers: dense bottom and foam bottom. The dense bottom has hard texture and good pressure resistance. It is not easy to have marks and indentation when placing heavy objects; Foam sole has soft texture and comfortable foot feeling; There is a slight difference between the two bottom prices.

production process of SPC vinyl flooring supplier

2.Pay attention to the thickness of wear-resistant layer

When the total thickness is the same and the bottom layer is the same, the thickness of wear-resistant layer on the surface is very important; Of course, the thickness of the wear-resistant layer can not be determined only according to the sales rhetoric and the sample parameter table, because many people in the industry have reported that the parameter table is not consistent with the thickness of the wear-resistant layer of the actual product, so we should brighten our eyes.

3.Focus on quality

The so-called focus on quality means not only taking samples to feel its tear resistance and flexibility, but also paying attention to the tests it has done, and judging whether its quality meets the standard through the test report.

Before purchasing SPC vinyl flooringing, consumers still have to do their homework. First, compare the three concerns mentioned above, and then compare the price. When buying SPC vinyl flooring, you can't blindly pursue low price. Price and quality are always in direct proportion.



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