How Do SPC Vinyl Flooring Supplier Cope with New Market Changes?


After 25 years of development, the domestic flooring industry has entered a new development journey. On the one hand, there are opportunities brought by consumption upgrading, the rise of the new middle class and new retail, and on the other hand, there are challenges brought by the international environment, domestic market and environmental protection policies. How should spc vinyl flooring supplier gain insight into the new direction of consumption and grasp new opportunities to stand out?

From the perspective of the demands for the purchase of flooring, the surveyed groups mainly have the following characteristics - paying attention to the quality of life, pursuing high cost performance, and paying attention to the health of the home environment.

The new power of spc vinyl flooring is rising, seizing the minds of consumers with strength and beauty

In the hearts of consumers, SPC floor, as the facade in the living room, naturally needs to be carefully dressed up. The floor with "beauty and material" can not only become the eye point of the home, but also bring a comfortable and healthy living experience.

Research shows that with the improvement of people's living standards, the "environmental protection" and "beauty" of home space have attracted much attention. Most consumers favor the natural and environmental attributes of wood. Waterproof and moisture-proof is the standard performance of SPC floor, and floor heating performance is an additional item.

In the fierce market competition, in addition to strictly controlling environmental protection, spc vinyl flooring supplier will also make great efforts in design and R & D, continuously improve the natural attributes and solid wood texture of other categories of flooring, and capture the hearts of consumers with visual and appearance design.

SPC Vinyl Flooring Supplier Cope with New Market

It is noteworthy that the new forces of flooring represented by wood plastic flooring and spc vinyl flooring have long been popularized abroad and have been popularized in the domestic market in the past two years. At present, domestic well-known flooring brands have vigorously promoted spc vinyl flooring in recent years, and launched products with rich colors and solid wood texture through design and R & D.

Because wood plastic flooring and spc vinyl flooring have many advantages - environmental protection attributes, solid wood texture, standard performance and affordable price, they have attracted the favor of 10% of consumers, which reflects that there is still a huge development space for wood plastic flooring and spc vinyl flooring. At the same time, flooring enterprises need to increase the market promotion and publicity of wood plastic flooring and spc vinyl flooring, emphasize the environmental protection and natural attributes of flooring, and improve the awareness of the market and consumers.

In the era of competition, spc vinyl flooring brand is the way to break through

With the improvement of living standards, consumers' requirements for home living environment also increase, and consumers also pursue rational consumption and pay attention to the quality of products themselves.

Research shows that medium price and cost-effective products are still pursued by mainstream consumer groups. For the choice of domestic and imported brands, most consumers have no tendency to pay attention to the quality of the product itself.

As for consumers' choice of brands, each spc vinyl flooring brand has its own merits, and has been favored by some consumers.

Therefore, it is suggested that flooring enterprises with their own characteristics can do fine and professional work in the flooring field, and walk out of a development road of differentiation to win the market.

In the era of traffic, online and offline integration reaches the new generation group

The post-80s and post-90s are called the aborigines in the Internet era. With the genes of the Internet, they are keen on online search and social networking, and like to punch in, experience and share offline.The survey shows that online has become the primary channel for consumers to obtain floor product information, and the floor is a semi-finished product, which is very dependent on offline links. Secondly, designers play an important role in home decoration, which can guide and influence consumers with immature professional knowledge.

Therefore, for flooring enterprises, we should seize online marketing as a breakthrough and catch the attention of consumers with diversified online marketing means; Open up online and offline full link marketing and hit the minds of consumers. Secondly, in addition to traditional channels such as dealers and stores, flooring enterprises can develop channels for home decoration designers to reach more consumer groups.



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