What made you choose rigid luxury vinyl flooring over traditional flooring?


Rigid luxury vinyl flooring is a kind of stone plastic flooring, its main composition is: "natural stone powder" join "vinyl resin", has super wear resistance and impact resistance, for the impact of heavy objects has strong elastic recovery ability.

Rigid luxury vinyl flooring advantages: 1, stone plastic floor surface wear-resistant layer has a special anti-skid performance, with the characteristics of water become acerbate, at the same time waterproof and moisture-proof ability is also first-class, as long as it is not long-term water invasion bubble will not be damaged. 2, Rigid luxury vinyl flooring also has good fire retardant performance, but lit cigarette butts fall on the floor, although not burnt but will leave yellow marks that are not easy to remove, but compared with the flame retardant performance of composite floor is not inferior. 3, stone plastic floor with good acid and alkaline resistance. 4, in the appearance, stone plastic floor design and color varieties are rich, high-end products of concave and convex system like carpet lifelike, set off a graceful, elegant and fresh aesthetic effect.

Rigid luxury vinyl flooring

Rigid luxury vinyl flooring shortcomings: 1, the weakness is stitching on the stone floor cannot achieve seamless connection, like coiled material Rigid luxury vinyl flooring there is no coil of the floor on the foot feels soft, stone floor, although there is a fire retardant properties, such as cigarette butts on the ground while still burn is not hot, but will change yellow was burnt traces, by this time can only replace the place of the floor. The coil Rigid luxury vinyl flooring can be polished off with a sander and waxed to show the same as the newly installed one. 2, because the stone plastic floor is a kind of high-tech new floor decoration materials, although in Europe and the United States and other countries popular for decades, but in China is still just emerging, how to look at the development prospects of the domestic market demand. However, if the selection is improper, inferior stone plastic floor can have a certain harm to the human body.

Inferior Rigid luxury vinyl flooring odour heavy. Because its production process is not so strictly follow the laws of science and technology, inferior stone plastic floor will emit unpleasant pungent smell, harmful gases seriously exceed the standard, will stimulate the human nose mucosa, retina, respiratory tract, internal organs, nervous system, seriously affect the health of the human body. Poor quality stone plastic floor life is short, and some service life is not more than 3 months. Therefore, want to try stone plastic floor friends can be polished eyes, or choose flooring sales mainstream only solid wood floor, laminate flooring, solid wood composite floor as well.



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