How does the SPC core flooring factory install the floor


Installation process of SPC core flooring factory:

Firstly, the floor temperature was measured and the floor was treated comprehensively; The concrete and cement mortar are diluted with water, and then sealed and bottomed; Pour the lime into the bucket according to the proportion and mix evenly until there is no caking; When adhesive, select the appropriate watering and scraping board. The specific steps of SPC core flooring factory are as follows:

1. Floor treatment

First of all, we should do a good job in floor treatment. First, we should measure the floor temperature. The installation of SPC wood flooring requires high temperature. We should try our best to control the temperature and humidity. The moisture content of the base should be less than 3%. At the same time, the floor should be treated comprehensively, such as polishing, paint removal, glue removal, etc., to keep the surface clean and tidy. If there are cracks, they should be repaired in time.

specific steps of SPC core flooring factory

2. Base work

The installation of SPC wood flooring should also start from the base course. The base course is indispensable. Generally, the concrete and cement mortar should be diluted with water according to the ratio of 1:1, and then the base course should be closed. According to the decoration design of different environments, there will be different considerations in the foundation, so we can first look at the overall construction requirements, and carry out the construction according to the actual situation.

3. Mix well

Pour the lime into the bucket according to the proportion and mix evenly. You can use the agitator to stir until there is no caking. Before formal use, it should be allowed to stand for about three minutes. The specific composition proportion can refer to the use demand, and be carried out according to the corresponding construction demand, so as to ensure better use effect.

4. Floor laying

When laying the SPC wood flooring formally, the mixed slurry should be poured down evenly, and the special self leveling vent should be used to let the surface roll gently. In order to avoid other problems in laying, special spikes should be put on, and 5 hours should be reserved after installation by SPC core flooring factorys, so as to ensure the integrity of laying.

5. Cutting and pasting

SPC core flooring factorys to install the floor finally consider cutting adhesive, to choose the appropriate watering and scraper, laying to see what is not close, joints, in the later foundation treatment. Every step of the installation should be careful to reduce the possibility of problems



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